Excursion Description

Live an unforgettable excursion to Koufonisi!

Koufonisia is a group of smal islands “Small eastern Cyclades” which are “Pano Koufonisi” in which there is th one and only settlement “Kato Koufonisi” in which there is only one taverna and “Glaronisi”. In the Beginning of last century was first inhabited by fishermen from the island of Symi. For many years was holding the largest number of fishing boats in Greece. Recently because of the picturer settlement situated wright on the sea front. Its unique sandy beaches and the turquoise waters became one of the most visited small islands in Greece. The locals love their island and are the best hostess to show around . Some are still in the traditional fishing business.


Departure with traditional Greek "Kaiki" from the port of Almiros in the northen part of Schinousa at 9''00. Arrival in the port of Koufonisi aproximately at 9''30. The local shuttle boats can take you to seven different beaches and places in pano and kato koufonisi. You can use these boats to go to any of the seven places and as many times you wish. Departure to Schinousa from the post of Koufonisi at 19''30. Arrival at Almiro aproximately at 20''00

Price packets

Per person
Price 60 €
For children
For children up to 10 years old the cost is 20 €
* Regarding the price per person, includes all transfers by bus and boat as well as lunch in a traditional tavern of the island.

More specifically include:


Transportation by bus

Transfer from Chora Volaka & Return


Transportation by boat

Boat transfer from Volaka to Koufonisi and Return



All Transportation by boat to and from the lower part of island and all the beaches of the island.



Lunch in a seaside tavern. Includes: 1 salad per person, 1 main course & 1 large bottle of water per person.

**** The weather conditions may affect the program of the excursion as well as cause its cancellation.